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The UAC Conundrum: How to Manage Admin Privilege Without Frustrating End Users

The UAC Conundrum

The vast majority of security breaches are related to improper credential use and user error. UAC seeks to limit those kinds of events by running all applications as a standard user by default. This eBook provides practical solutions to the challenges of managing administrative privilege. You’ll learn how to:

  • Protect privileged accounts and reduce your attack surface without disrupting the user experience
  • Understand the importance of user account control (UAC)
  • Discover the drawbacks of UAC prompts and risks of unauthorized workarounds
  • Access an innovative solution: AutoElevate by CyberFOX, which automates privileged management, streamlines the user experience and enhances security
  • Explore real-world examples that showcase the effectiveness of AutoElevate by CyberFOX

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