Blocker – Better Than Just Blocklisting

What is Blocker?

An Innovative Approach to Blocklisting

We aren’t reinventing the blocklisting or allowlisting wheel here – just innovating it. Blocker is designed to help mitigate malicious actors/activity that may use programs that are natively on your networks to corrupt data, steal information or worse. 

Superior Control Without the Headache

Blocker answers the questions: Do we need to block everything on your computer or is that overkill? Can we focus in on a segment and block THOSE? YES, instead of blocking everything, let’s block the known applications that present threats – the Living Off the Land (LOTL) stuff.

Comprehensive Recommendation List Based on Your Environment

Blocker curates a comprehensive list of recommended items and empowers you to choose what you want blocked from executing or allowed to operate.   Take control of what can operate within your environment. Easily define rules that allow specific parent processes to run child applications or processes while blocking others. 

Why Blocker?

Living Off the Land (LOTL) Attacks

LOTL attacks made up 71% of all attacks in 2022 (from the CrowdStrike 2023 Global Threat Report). Bad actors infiltrate networks and wreak havoc using legitimate components of the Windows Operating System, which often escape detection by traditional anti-malware applications.

Enhanced Security

Safeguard your organization against potential security breaches by blocking listed applications, binaries, and .dll files. These native Windows binaries are rarely used by end users directly, so blocking them won’t be too much of an impact on most typical business environments.

Minimized False Positives

Blocker’s curated list focuses explicitly on known attack vectors helping to ensure minimal disruption to your legitimate applications and operations.

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