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Find answers and insights to common questions about our PAM and Password Management solutions’ implementation, use, and inner workings.

Privileged Access Management Solution FAQ

What is a Privileged Access Management tool?
A Privileged Access Management (PAM) tool is a crucial cybersecurity solution that helps organizations protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access to critical systems. It provides a centralized platform to control and monitor privileged accounts and their activities. With a PAM tool, businesses can enforce granular access controls, track privileged user sessions, and enforce strong authentication methods, ensuring the security and integrity of their digital assets.
How does CyberFOX's PAM tool enhance security practices for MSPs and IT professionals?
MSPs and IT professionals need a PAM tool as it provides an extra layer of security over privileged accounts, helps enforce the Principal of Least Privilege, and ensures compliance with industry regulations. It also streamlines privilege elevation, centralizes control and monitoring of admin accounts, and protects against credential theft, allowing businesses to ensure robust cybersecurity measures.
How does CyberFOX's PAM Solution work?
The software leverages Windows UAC (User Access Control) events to prompt for privilege elevation, ensuring safe and secure access through Windows UAC. This functionality enables the tool to provide Administrator credentials when requested by Windows. With our unique approach, there is no longer a need for permanently active local admin accounts, minimizing potential vulnerabilities.
Is your PAM Solution difficult to implement?
No. We’ve made it super easy to deploy across your IT ecosystem in just a few minutes with pre-written scripts for remote monitoring and management platforms. Once deployed simply audit the privileged events, create rules and you’re ready to remove admin privileges.
Were you formerly AutoElevate?
Yes, AutoElevate is now CyberFOX PAM.
How does pricing work?
Our PAM solution pricing is all-inclusive, with no additional fees. We offer flexible contracts, and our pricing model is based on the number of endpoints managed.
What is the Principle of Least Privilege?
The principle of least privilege means users and applications are granted only the rights and authorizations required for the task at hand.

Password Management Solution FAQ

What is a password manager?
A password manager is a platform that securely and effectively stores, manages, and retrieve passwords. It also ensures passwords are strong and unique. Users don’t have to worry about remembering passwords, especially across devices.
How does CyberFOX's Password Management Solution work?
Users only need their master password to access all their passwords. They then have a simple and streamlined login process across devices. MSPs access their clients through a single portal, and IT administrators manage the tool through their admin console.
Is it safe to store all of my passwords in one place?
While it’s not safe to store all your passwords on a sticky note, a password manager stores strong, unique passwords in an encrypted vault. Users access their passwords through a master password. A password manager is your best option for storing passwords in a centralized location.
Can I safely share passwords?
You can securely share passwords in the CyberFOX Password Manager. Shared passwords are encrypted, and other users cannot re-share them. You can also cancel shares at any time.
What are some password best practices?
Create strong, unique passwords that don’t use obvious information. Don’t use sequences of numbers or letters. Make the password at least 10 characters and include a mix of characters, cases, and symbols. Choose passphrases or other methods of strengthening passwords. Learn more in this article.
Were you formerly Password Boss?
Yes, Password Boss is now CyberFOX Password Manager.

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