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Augment Security with Just-in-Time Admin

Generate a transient, just-in-time admin user and securely access Windows without requiring knowledge of the password or the need to disclose it.

Experience heightened security with AutoElevate’s Just-in-Time Admin, transforming the Windows login process for technicians. Admins can effortlessly log in as local administrators by scanning a QR code on the Windows login screen using the AutoElevate MFA-enabled Mobile app, effectively reducing the risks associated with password sharing.

This new feature in CyberFOX’s privileged access management (PAM) solution, AutoElevate plays a critical role in enhancing security, mitigating risk, and simplifying secure access.

Why Just-in-Time Admin?


Elevate the security of end-user workstations and laptops with AutoElevate’s Mobile App, which offers optional MFA/2FA authentication for all Windows administrator logins, ensuring a robust layer of protection.


AutoElevate’s Just-in-Time Admin caters to user flexibility, allowing the creation of a persistent administrator user account for workstations when specific use cases demand it.


Tailor the user experience seamlessly using AutoElevate’s customizable branding feature. Infuse your brand identity into the logon screen by personalizing it with branded images and logos, creating a cohesive and branded environment.

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