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A Simple Access Solution and Password Manager for MSPs

We have MSPs in our DNA, so our tools were created with MSPs in mind. We value our MSPs and will always sell through the channel. Our solutions integrate easily with your clients’ automated IT platforms. They provide a critical layer of protection to existing solutions to mitigate risks and better secure critical data.

PAM Solution Benefits for MSPs

Privileged access management helps secure elevated credentials to improve security but also simplify its management. We are committed to supporting our MSP customers in protecting your clients with enhanced endpoint privilege management. Our solution allows you to remove local admin rights and secure servers without frustrating end users.

Channel Commitment

CyberFOX is committed to the channel and helping MSPs provide the best services to clients.


Brand our password and PAM solutions as part of your integrated offerings.

Silent Discovery

Audit mode lets you silently deploy and inspect privileges without troubling users.

Robust PSA Integrations

CyberFOX solutions streamline workflows by seamlessly integrating with top PSA platforms.

RMM Integration & Deployment

Deploy our solution in just minutes thanks to easy integration with RMMs.

Better Client Experiences

Communicate with clients and react to issues quickly and transparently with automated responses.

Benefits of Our Password Manager for MSPs

stry-leading end-to-end solution allows you to help your clients manage passwords and improve security. You are able to offer a more comprehensive solution and strengthen one of the most common vulnerabilities for clients.

MSP Management Portal

A centralized dashboard improves visibility and reporting on each of your clients.


Users are quickly and easily logged in to each website automatically.

Built-In Dark Web Feature

Monitor clients’ passwords and email addresses for possible security breaches and data leaks.

Multi-Layer Security

Our password manager for MSPs stores all data using gold standard techniques and best practices for encryption.

Multi-Devices Access

CyberFOX syncs devices so you can quickly access passwords and digital notes from anywhere.

Role-Based Access

Access and manage permissions for client passwords based on roles you assign team members.

Why Partner with CyberFOX

Easy to Deploy

Integrate solutions and automate deployments with your remote monitoring and management platform.

Centralized Management

Easily manage and configure your clients and their devices through the intuitive partner portal.

Increase Revenue, Not Costs

Reduce time spent on support calls for lost passwords and password resets.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Ready-to-go marketing tools help you get started with sales efforts right away.

Support and Training

Our team provides support from before the sale through deployment.

See Our Solutions in Action

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