AutoElevate – Designed for MSPs and IT Professionals

CyberFOX’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution AutoElevate allows you to remove local admin rights and secure your end users without frustrating or slowing them down.

PAM Made Easy

Reduce Your Threat Factor

Significantly improve security with a PAM tool that helps companies significantly reduce their threat factor.

Manage Privileges Remotely

Securely approve requests, make rules, manage privileges, and more, from anywhere, as needed.

Easily Remove Local Admin Rights

Implement least privilege principles while not interfering with work or user experiences.

Simpler to Use than Other Solutions

Easily set up the solution, audit events, create rules, and automate ticket requests.

Why Remove Local Admin Rights?

Users can unknowingly install malicious applications leading to security incidences.

Meet compliance goals and check the PAM box needed for most cyber insurance coverage.

94% of Microsoft vulnerabilities can be avoided by removing admin rights.

Cybersecurity best practice frameworks like CIS Critical Controls and NIST recommend following least privilege.


Our integrations streamline deployments and workflows without interrupting essential work.


Kaseya is a remote monitoring and management platform for IT professionals to efficiently manage and monitor systems and networks.


Autotask is a business management software designed for IT service providers, offering tools for ticketing, project management, time tracking, and billing.


ConnectWise provides a comprehensive business management platform for IT solution providers, including features like ticketing, remote monitoring, project management, and customer relationship management.


Syncro is a professional services automation platform tailored to managed service providers, offering remote IT management, ticketing, billing, and customer communication tools.

Repair Shop

Repair Shop is a software solution designed for repair businesses, helping them manage appointments, inventory, customer information, and invoicing.


Zendesk is a customer service software suite that assists businesses in managing customer support tickets, inquiries, and interactions across various communication channels.

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