Privileged Access Management

AutoElevate – Designed for MSPs and IT Professionals

CyberFOX’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution AutoElevate allows you to remove local admin rights and secure your end users without frustrating or slowing them down.

Our PAM solution makes it simple for you to:

  • Audit UAC events to see what applications are being installed and updated
  • Create rules based on UAC events and automate ticket requests
  • Remove admin rights and protect your environment

AutoElevate gives you the perfect balance of security and accessibility. Some PAM tools lock users down so much that it becomes nearly impossible to get anything done. Our solution lets you granularly set privilege rules based on company, location, group, application, or user. 

Why Remove Local Admin Rights?

Users can unknowingly install malicious applications leading to security incidences.

Meet compliance goals and check the PAM box needed for most cyber insurance coverage.

94% of Microsoft vulnerabilities can be avoided by removing admin rights.

Cybersecurity best practice frameworks like CIS Critical Controls and NIST recommend following least privilege.

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