CyberFOX Releases Version 2.6 of Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution, AutoElevate

TAMPA, FLORIDA, September 21, 2023 – CyberFOX, a global cybersecurity solutions provider announces the release of version 2.6 of AutoElevate, CyberFOX’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution.

AutoElevate version 2.6 is designed to revolutionize the way organizations manage privileged access, enabling them to enhance their security posture while streamlining operations. With our latest release, we have taken user feedback and industry best practices into consideration to deliver a robust and user-friendly solution.

Feature updates include:

  • (Password-less) Admin Login: Create a JIT (just-in-time) admin user and use it to log in securely without ever storing or using the password. 
  • SSO (with AzureAD): Single-Sign On for user convenience, allowing end users to log in using one set of credentials. 
  • Multi-Level Settings: Additional granular options, such as customizing dialog messages, changing timer settings, displaying logos, and configuring agent security settings, all the way down to the computer level, instead of just at the global level. 
  • Windows Event Logs: Event logging will output all events and privileged user activities on each computer, making it easier to ingest with your SIEM tool.  This enables you to monitor, detect, and respond to potential security threats or unauthorized actions. 
  • Biometric local authentication: Granularly set how you want to add additional “local” security on our mobile app. Require it for one-time approvals or ones that create rules, technician mode access, etc.

“This release represents our commitment to providing organizations with a powerful and user-friendly solution to effectively manage privileged access. We are confident that AutoElevate version 2.6 will empower our customers to further strengthen their privileged access operations and security, ensuring they are well-equipped to combat evolving cyber threats,” said CyberFOX CEO, David Bellini.

AutoElevate is a powerful and comprehensive PAM solution that is easy-to-use and flexible, ensuring that organizations can quickly adapt to their changing needs. With AutoElevate 2.6, our customers can expect even more advanced features that guarantee improved security and seamless operations.

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About CyberFOX:

CyberFOX is a global cybersecurity solutions provider focused on privileged access management (PAM) and password management for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT Pros. Its flagship products – Password Boss for password management and AutoElevate for PAM – supply critical elements of a comprehensive security strategy. The ability to mitigate risks by controlling user access to critical information strengthens MSPs and IT department’s security defenses. Prioritizing cybersecurity best practices as a company like CIS critical controls, allows CyberFOX to make complex security simple while providing affordable and efficient solutions. To learn more about how CyberFOX helps protect MSPs and businesses in more than 175 countries, visit

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