CyberFOX and FifthWall Solutions Optimize Cyber Insurance Renewal Process

TAMPA, FL / PITTSBURGH, PA  — August 24, 2023 — Today CyberFOX, a global cybersecurity solutions provider is excited to announce its strategic partnership with FifthWall Solutions, a leading cyber insurance-only distributor. Together, they aim to provide shared knowledge and an essential toolset that considers the evolving needs of both the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients.

FifthWall Solutions accesses more than 45+ carriers with specific expertise in cyber and understanding the evolving risks and exposures. In 2022, the company introduced LOTA, a universal application to eliminate redundancies, simplify the process, and identify security controls most often needed to secure cyber insurance.  FifthWall is currently helping its 1,000+ MSPs find success using LOTA. 

“Our MSP partners often ask our team, what security requirements will be next? “ – Reid Wellock, President, FifthWall Solutions. “We are seeing Privileged Access Management (PAM) come up more and more from underwriters. We are really excited to partner with CyberFOX to provide clarity to MSPs and access to a great PAM solution.”

Underwriters assess an organization’s cybersecurity posture and risk. Implementing security measures like PAM can be proactive, and insurance providers may view this positively. They might offer better terms or lower premiums to organizations with solid cybersecurity practices, including PAM.

“FifthWall Solutions’ complete cyber insurance and risk management solution is an ideal fit with CyberFOX to augment our offering to MSPs,” said Adam Slutskin, CRO & Co-founder, CyberFOX. “We are excited to equip MSPs with a comprehensive cyber-insurance offering that is designed with MSPs in mind.”

For MSPs that are already part of the FifthWall Partner Program and those joining through our partnership with CyberFOX, the collaboration offers at no cost the following:

  • Cyber Risk Gap Analysis 
  • Cyber Insurance / Policy Review 
  • New MSP discount on CyberFOX’s two flagship products – Password Boss for password management and AutoElevate for PAM
  • Plus, get exclusive access to the Cybersecurity Insurance 101: Risk and Revenue course from Empath Cyber and one free month’s membership with Empath Cyber

About FifthWall Solutions

FifthWall Solutions is a cyber insurance wholesaler with direct access to 40+ carriers that helps over 1,000 MSPs and their clients, opening the door to cybersecurity solutions and the best coverage options. FifthWall educates and equips MSPs with the knowledge and LOTA, its singular application, to leverage cyber insurance and mature client cybersecurity.   Learn more at  

About CyberFOX

CyberFOX is a global cybersecurity solutions provider focused on privileged access management (PAM) and password management for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT Pros. Its flagship products – Password Boss for password management and AutoElevate for PAM – supply critical elements of a comprehensive security strategy. The ability to mitigate risks by controlling user access to critical information strengthens MSPs and IT department’s security defenses. Prioritizing cybersecurity best practices as a company, like CIS critical controls, allows CyberFOX to make complex security simple while providing affordable and efficient solutions. To learn more about how CyberFOX helps protect MSPs and businesses in more than 175 countries, visit 

About Empath Cyber

Founded by Wes Spencer, co-founder of Perch Security and an MSP cybersecurity educator, Empath Cyber is a community and platform for MSPs to grow their cybersecurity talent and capability regardless of experience. MSPs need to become cybersecurity talent factories, and Empath Cyber is on a mission to help every MSP grow into cybersecurity success.