CyberFOX Launches New Blocklisting Feature, Blocker in AutoElevate 

TAMPA, FLORIDA, March 4, 2024 – CyberFOX, a global cybersecurity software provider announces the general availability launch of an innovative new blocklisting feature called Blocker in its privileged access management (PAM) product, AutoElevate.  

The Blocker feature in AutoElevate helps to address Living off the Land (LOTL) or malware-free attacks that have become an increasingly significant threat in today’s digital landscape by curating a comprehensive list of attack vectors and recommending which applications to block. This progressive product feature reimagines blocklisting and allowlisting to provide high security with low interruption. 

Blocker provides: 

  • Augmented Security: Safeguard against potential breaches by blocking listed applications, binaries, and .dll files. These native Windows binaries are rarely used directly by end-users but are often used by threat actors.  
  • Rule and Policy Management: Rules can be easily created that allow specified parent processes to execute child processes when required. The Recommendation Engine, intuitive logs, and user-friendly interface yield an easy rule and policy creation process for blocking. 
  • Minimized False Positives: Blocker’s curated list focuses explicitly on known attack vectors helping to ensure nominal disruption to your legitimate applications and operations. Blocking these known attack vectors results in increased security with minimal impact to end-users. 


“The addition of the Blocker feature is significant in our mission to provide dedicated, high-grade cybersecurity solutions that are simple and affordable. This feature is truly one-of-a-kind and is a unique approach to the way blocklisting and allowlisting is currently being performed,” said CyberFOX CEO, David Bellini. 

The addition of CyberFOX’s Blocker feature in AutoElevate follows the addition of CyberFOX’s Just-in-Time Admin feature that generates a temporary admin profile that is automatically purged upon logout. This allows technicians to securely log in without sharing password knowledge using AutoElevate’s mobile app with biometric security. CyberFOX continues to enhance its AutoElevate PAM product via the creation of new features like Blocker and Just-in-Time Admin in furtherance of providing organizations with flexible, affordable cybersecurity. 

AutoElevate by CyberFOX is a privileged access management (PAM) solution that helps organizations improve security and compliance by reducing the attack surface and providing granular control over user privileges. 

To learn more about Blocker, visit 

For existing CyberFOX AutoElevate partners, the Blocker feature will be rolled out over the next 4 to 6 weeks. 

About CyberFOX  

CyberFOX is a global cybersecurity software provider focused on privileged access management (PAM) and password management for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT Pros. Its flagship products – Password Boss for password management and AutoElevate for PAM – supply critical elements of a comprehensive security strategy. The ability to mitigate risks by controlling user access to critical information strengthens MSPs and IT department’s security defenses. Prioritizing cybersecurity best practices as a company like CIS critical controls, allows CyberFOX to make complex security simple while providing affordable and efficient solutions. To learn more about how CyberFOX helps protect MSPs and businesses in more than 175 countries, visit  

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