How to Neutralize Password Security Risks with Password Boss

One of the most important things you can do to reduce risk across your organization is to crack down on password security. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2020 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors Report, 50% of IT professionals reuse passwords across workplace accounts, and 49% sometimes or frequently share passwords with their coworkers.

These practices create security vulnerabilities that can result in breaches through phishing attacks, credential theft, and password hacks. Password management can help, but many organizations aren’t using it. Ponemon’s study found that only 31% of organizations use a password management tool. The vast majority rely on sticky notes (42%) and human memory (59%) to manage passwords. 

Meanwhile, Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report lists stolen credentials as the number one cause of data breaches. Hacking is getting more sophisticated, and security measures need to evolve along with threat potential if MSPs hope to keep their data – and that of their clients – protected. 

Password Boss: Your End-to-End Password Manager

To keep information safe from increasing password security threats, MSPs need a comprehensive password manager solution that monitors and protects accounts. The solution must also offer an easy, user-friendly way for clients and team members to keep track of passwords and support cross-organizational adoption. 

Password Boss by CyberFOX is designed to do all of these things. With industry-leading password security protections built in, Password Boss helps you boost security and reduce risks through: 

Password Monitoring

– Users can monitor their passwords all in one place, making it easy to track passwords, identify stolen passwords, and make changes as needed to enhance security.

Secure Password Sharing

– Shared credentials present significant security risks. Password Boss allows team members to share passwords securely and revoke access when it is no longer needed.

Intuitive User Experience

– Password Boss undoubtedly makes password management easy while also being intuitive to learn. With user-friendly design, a strong password generator, and website

– Autofill, team members can easily access accounts as needed without compromising security.

How Password Boss Improves Your Password Security

A password manager is only as effective if it is used consistently across the organization. That’s why Password Boss is an end-to-end tool, making it easy to store, track, manage, and share passwords efficiently. Here’s how it works:

Security Dashboard

– The security dashboard visualizes your password information all in one place. Furthermore, your dashboard will display your security score, tells you which password issues need to be addressed, and shows reports from Dark Web password and email scans.

Security Score

The security score assigns a numerical score based on password security across all channels. It considers how many passwords have been compromised, how many duplicate passwords you have, how many are weak, and how many are old. The higher your score, the stronger password security is. Additionally, you can see a breakdown of each of these categories on the security dashboard, and you can monitor them within the tool.

Dark Web Scan

– This feature scans the Dark Web for any appearance of your passwords or email. The report tells you which passwords have been compromised in a security breach and how many times your email address is listed on the Dark Web. This allows you to address those problems instantly.

Two-Factor Authentication

– All users have two-factor authentication enabled to increase security and prevent unauthorized access.

MSP Management Portal

– Lastly, MSPs can use the management portal to view customer dashboards, reports, usage logs, and individual security scores in a central location. 


All in all, as cyber threats continue to multiply, every organization must make password security a top concern. Password Boss implements password best practices and supports comprehensive user adoption for every client so you can close security gaps and reduce risk.

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